Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sisyphus Ben Gone But Not Forgotten

Sisyphus Ben Gone But Not Forgotten. Imperial Milk Stout. 9% ABV. 44 IBU.

Another in the employee design series, this one in honor of Ben Steingold who left Minnesota for North Carolina. Bye, Ben! I miss you, already.  But, how's your beer?

Solid blackness under a sizable, long-lasting, creamy, tanned head. Looking terrific.

In the nose: Fruit. Spice. Spruce tips? Pine? Ginger? Something's going on here, and I like it. Citrus notes, too. I wonder what's going on?

In the mouth: there's more sweetness on the palate than mere malt suggests.. There's a gentle spiciness, and a suggestion of fruit. Ginger comes back to mind, and citrus fruit too. Bright, spicy, malty, smooth and beautiful. Strength doesn't yet become apparent, but flavor continues to contribute to some sort of deliciousness. Tas. Tee. Stuff, indeed. Yum -a- dum, dum.

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