Friday, February 3, 2017

Uncle John's Hard Cider Blueberry Apple

The Bitter Nib is a beer blog, this we all know, but sometimes a bit of cider comes my way. I could just drink and say "it's alright" and not chronicle it here. Or I could write about cider. So, here's the first of two that popped into my fridge recently, and I popped their cans open and notes away...

Uncle John's Hard Cider Blueberry Apple Seasonal. Produced and bottled by Uncle John's Fruit House Winery, St. John's, Michigan.

Clear, pinkish red color, active carbonation.

In the nose: apples first, hints of blueberries. A little sweet, a little tart.

In the mouth: there it is: blackberry flavor coming through, coming on top over the apples. Nice and tart, with sweet on the side. Light and drinkable, tasty. Nice.

Guys, you know me, I'm a beer man. Not a cider drinker. Unsure of how to write about cider, but I'll keep trying. All I can tell you is: here's a good one. I wouldn't pass one up, but I'd always wish I had an ale instead.

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