Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stone Ripper Pale Ale

Stone Ripper San Diego Pale Ale. "A ripping' swell of juicy hops." 5.7% alc. by vol.

This pale ale is a tribute to surfer culture both in California and Australia. From Oz, they take the Galaxy hop and from Cali it's Cascade, of course. Read more here.

Clear, bright golden color, large white head, slowly slimming, leaving lace.

In the nose: bitter and sweet at once. Big hops, oily and resiny. Plenty of citrus.

In the mouth: bright and citrus dazzle on the tongue, more oily, piney, resiny. Juicy. Delicious. Lean bodied, light malt, hops are on fine display. Bitterness turns to dry. Tasty, refreshing pale ale.

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