Thursday, February 9, 2017

Inbound RIS

Inbound RIS. Russian Imperial Stout. Bottle #168/500. Inbound BrewCo, Mpls, Minn. We've got the government warning, the address and the weird logo, but no other information.

This is the first Inbound BrewCo beer here in the Nib. I've been to the taproom a couple of times, had their beers and enjoyed them, and received many samples, but never took notes. I even had 5 of their beers on tap at Acadia, and had plenty of chances, but again, didn't. I'm going to stop now, before I come off as a complete failure. I do need to go back and take notes if  I'm ever going to write them up as Minnesota Breweries One by One #93.

Well, after all that no-note-taking, this bottle wound up in my possession, and it wouldn't be right to continue that woeful streak, would it? So, at last, I cracked it open and here's what I had to say about it:

Solid blackness, with a slim brown ring of foam up on top.

In the nose: big roasted malt aromatics, charcoal, anise, blackberries. Molasses. Motor Oil.

In the mouth: Clambors aboard the palate, with bells a clanging. Thick and rich. Massive malt. Big and bold, and boozy. A lot going on here, a big bunch of complexities. Not a bad one, at all. Nice work, boys.

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