Monday, November 7, 2011

Schell's Deer Brand

Picked up a Schell's sampler pack (have to do that, every now and then), and lo, and behold, three bottles of Deer Brand, in three differerent labels, through the years, which they've been doing since the sesquicentennial. Here are notes from October, 2004:

Crystal-clear, golden color, big, fluffy, pristine white head, perfect fit for a lager. 
Aroma, some hops, bright and floral, but a bit soapy, growing sweet, smellish cornish...wonder what adjuncts are at play here? Okay, I'll play nice...but it is "corny"... 
Taste: clean, brisk, almost crisp, then fading quick. Very refreshing, highly downable, tastes pretty decent, actually. Not too much flavor, but it doesn't taste bad, and almost squeaky clean. I thought this would be an empty, hollow, even unpleasant experience, and I'm a Schell's fan...silly me, it's a nice lager, nothing but. 

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