Monday, January 4, 2016

Dave's BrewFarm The Perle Pundit

Reports of the demise of Dave's BrewFarm, my own included, have not necessarily been exaggerated, but projected too far in advance. The property has been up for sale, but a year and some months later, there has been no successful transaction and change of hands. The last one fell though, and David Anderson is still at it, though he had made that metaphorical move within his soul, and wishes to make that life-change  a reality. Surely someone else wants to buy a brewery in the middle of nowhere, Western Wisconsin?

On my last visit, my first in months, there was exactly one beer I'd never tried available in the growler format. I am about to drink it. The Perle Pundit. 6.4 % ABV. We'll get to FarmerDave's description later.

Lightly haze, bright golden color, large white head, looking good.

Fresh, floral aromatics. Lightly hoppy, just flat out beautiful, if truth be told. Belgian yeast aromatics, as well. Intriguing.

Tasting it: crisp, dry, hoppy, zesty, yes. That's the quick review. Let's go lengthy, now. Lean bodied, nicely hopped (I'm gonna guess Perle), easy going down, lightly bitter, crisply malty. Extra smooth, man. Like the saxophone solo in a Kool & the Gang hit from the 80's. That Belgian yeast strain is doing it's thing, too, delivering that funky fresh flavor to the palate. Reminds me in a way of a Belgian single, and nothing else. A little pilsner-y, a little pale ale-ish. Great beer, and I'm drinking it.

From the mouth of FarmerDave: "Pils, Cara Red and a splash of oats. Two additions of Perle and finished with Select hops. Fermented with a Trappist-lineage yeast. Crisp and refreshing." Yes, it is that. I wish I were at a picnic. Oh, well.

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