Thursday, January 21, 2016

Surly Witch's Tower Session Brown Ale

Witch's Hat Water Tower Solstice Session Brown Ale was the first new beer brewed for the Surly MSP brewery in the Prospect Park neighborhood, named in honor of the local landmark nearby. I don't know how often it appears outside of their taproom, but when I saw kegs available, I snagged one fast as I could for Acadia, and tapped it last week. Finally sat down to write notes tonight.

Solid brown coloration, clear-ish, cocoa-tinged head, starts large, slims down and clings to the glass.

Cardamom is unmistakable in the nose, green and sweet, slightly spicy, notes of celery and new-mown grass. Delightfully fresh change of pace.

In the mouth, the cardamom is strong again, holding court over all the proceedings. Sweet, tasty malt holds on just below. In the end, dryness mixed with herbal/vegetal notes. Lower alcohol and lighter body makes this one an easy-breezy drinker. Flavor persists through the glass, with the clean finish urging on further swallows. Clean and dry and slightly spicy-sweet. I can dig it.

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