Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Founders Project Pam Black India Pale Ale aged in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels

Founder Project Pam. Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, Mi. 10% Alc. by Vol.
Black IPA aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels.

Utter darkness, with a rich, cocoa-tinged head, full and lace-leaving.

Aromatics come spilling out of the glass, maple and bourbon overload, smelled from afar. Come in closer: deep and dark, molasses, treacle, vanilla and chocolate. Some oak? Interesting, to say the least.

In the mouth: Surprisingly silky smooth. Rich malt, slick cocoa tones, vanilla and cherry notes, turning dry in the finish. Grassy hop notes pop up here and there, but bitterness is always kept at bay. I never would have said "black IPA" if it wasn't on the label. I'm still startled by the smooth. A nice little mix of the bitter and the sweet, always kept in balance, despite the bigness of it all.

There was no superfluous gobbledygook on the label, which left me wondering who is this Pam of which they speak? Is that her on the label? What's her project, looking like a dude? I have questions that demand answers.

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