Monday, January 18, 2016

Fulton / Nola Messipi Amber Saison with Brett & Oak

Fulton/Nola Messipi, a collaboration brew with a brewery down the other side of that river we both share. 6.8% alc. by Vol. 29 IBU. 750 ml beer. I hadn't even heard of this one, when I saw it for sale. Now, I'm going to drink it.

Clear, bright copper-y amber coloring, slim, but staying head.

Nose is wild, funky and fruity right from the start. Oak and brett have had their way with it, and it's pretty amazing. Just gorgeous, in that weird, wild Belgian way.

Taste: Sharp, fruity, and slightly sour right off, nice and fruity and malty and yum. Nice, low bitterness, slight spiciness, subtle oak character. Big time funk. Excellent balance in this complex brew, full of flavor and long-lasting deliciousness.

I am enjoying this. You go on and enjoy one, too.

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