Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sisyphus "Richard Kind" of a Big Deal

I was at the brewery the other day and brought this home to try. Don't remember if I tasted it there, or not. Maybe that's why I brought it home, because I didn't try it. And I couldn't recall the style, nor is it listed on the can. A little diligent research shows that once again users of untapped are much more active than BeerAdvocate. They're calling it a "Lager-Black." Didn't know that was a category.

"Richard Kind" of a Big Deal. (totally forgot why they named it for the actor, though I remember a discussion about it.) 5.1% ABV. 25 IBU.
Full black coloring, short cocoa-tinged head, soon drifts down to nil.

Sweet malty nose, notes of caramel, cocoa, cream.

In the mouth: some bitterness, but mostly smooth malt flavors. Lots of dark, slightly roasted tastes, a hint of cocoa and espresso. Medium bodied. Especially easy-drinking. Finishes clean, with remaining flavorful. In other words: good beer, you can drink it.

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