Sunday, January 3, 2016

Oliphant KameHameHop Belgian-style Imperial IPA

Everything about this beer says Me, Me, Me. I didn't not taste it at all on my last visit to the brewery, this previous Sunday. Thought I'd try everything else and bring back a crowler. A Wisconsin-sized crowler. Gonna crack it open and tell you all about it. Oh, it's 9.2% Alc./Vol. But that was hinted at in the whole "Imperial" thing.

Very clear, classic amber/bronze hue, smallish white head, sticks around as a tight ring.

Aroma is exactly like I'd suspect from anything calling itself "Belgian IPA": funky, fruity, lightly bitter. Reminds me of Harriet's West Side, and Flying Dog's Raging Bitch.  Hitting all those notes.

In the mouth: a strange flash of Belgian yeast meets up with hop bitterness. Pretty mellow, though. Yet so far. Smooth malt flavors, too.  Tasty stuff. The alcohol is starting is show, and I don't mind it one bit. Buzzy, hoppy texture. Quite drinkable, though. I almost want to take points away for not being original, but have to give some up for being right on the money.
I don't what this is.


Nick's Beer Blog said...

The name comes from Dragon Ball Z, which is a Japanese Anime. It was the main power of Goku, the primary character on the show.

AL MCCARTY said...

Is that anything like "Japanimation"? (He says, kiddingly.)