Monday, January 25, 2016

Town Hall Manhattan Reserve, Barrel-aged Grand Cru with cherries

Excuse the crappiness of the picture.
That's what happens when it's the third beer of the morning.
So, here we have Manhattan Reserve from Town Hall, at last in my possession in a growler, which I am at last going to drink. It's the Belgian-style Grand Cru, aged in whiskey barrels, with tart cherries added, giving the overall impression of a Manhattan cocktail.

Clear, bright crimson coloring, no head at all. (I tried again to pour, and a small head appears briefly, but to quick to get it in the photo I took.)

Bourbon screams out of the nose. Vanilla, cherry, oak. It's brilliant, they did it, they made a beer that smells like a manhattan cocktail. Does it taste like one? That's next...

Large sweetness blasts the tongue at first, getting cooler and calmer soon thereafter. Hugely rich and lush. More cherry, more whiskey, more vanilla and oak. Sweet and malty and over-powering with the cherry and the booze and the richness and deliciousness. Oh, my. Sweetness turns dry and rolls all over the palate. Yum, yum, yum.

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