Monday, November 25, 2013

Bad Weather Schocko-Weizen Dunkel-weizen with cacao nibs

Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen Dunkelweizen with cocoa nibs. Storm cellar series #1. Brewed and bottled by Bad Weather Brewing Company, Minnetonka, MN. ABV 7.0% ABV.

Total blackness, under a full, 1/2 inch creamy tan, looking good from where I sit.

Aroma: chocolate and dark fruit notes come through first, spices, banana a little bit. Creamy, milky-ness, too…lactose in this? there's more than the straightforward dunkel weisse aromatics here. Something different is going on, an unusual yeast strain, maybe?

Taste: Chocolate hits the palate first, followed quickly by the wizen yeast character. There's banana, and spice, clove. Medium-bodied, full-flavored, and fairly unique. Plays rich on the tongue for a while, and ends on the dry side, with a lingering chocolate-y finish.

I'd like to see what they tell us on the label: "Schoko-weizen kicks off our limited edition Storm Cellar Series. We use classic Hefeweizen yeast to give this brew rich banana and clove flavors, with notes of toasted bread from the dark wheat. Schokolade is the German word for chocolate, so cacao nibs are added to give SCHOLO-WEIZEN it's rich, chocolately finish. A fitting style of beer to launch this limited series, Dunkelweizen was the first style of beer co-founder Joe ever brewed. Enjoy this one of a kind beer while it lasts…Prost!"

If this wasn't supposed to be so la-de-da, if it wasn't wax-dipped, in a big bottle, with a price tag of $9 or so, maybe I wouldn't be disappointed. It just doesn't deliver enough. Nothing wrong with it, nothing bad, just not good enough.

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