Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tallgrass Zombie Monkey Robust Porter

Tallgrass Zombie Monkey Robust Porter, or as it's also called, Post-Apocalyptic Porter. 6.2% aBV. 35 IBU. Notes: "A relentlessly tasty beer inspired by approximately true events." (?) Brewed and canned by Tallgrass Brewing Company, Manhattan, Kansas. Est. 2007.

This is the debut of the Tactical Grip Can, to prevent slippage while fleeing. So, that while we run from zombie monkeys, we're not dropping our cans o' beer. Sigh…(Is that really a problem, dropping beer cans? Even outside of the zombie apocalypse?)

Maybe I've already mentioned how bored I am by the ubiquitous zombie thing. Perhaps I am the only one? …sigh….
Also note that the name "zombie monkey" puts this very close to filling out the pantheon of internet meme characters. Next up: Robot Ninja.

Solid blackness, roasty brown head atop. Looks nice.

Aroma: chocolate, coffee, and caramel, richly roasted. Butterscotch. Dark fruits, plum, fig. Just enough sweet, just enough roast. Nice.

Taste: Deep, rich, and delicious. Full-boded, and surprisingly smooth. All the flavors from the nose return in the mouth. This one has it all, and it all adds up to yum. Quite nice. Solid stuff. All kinds of tasty.

More like this, please, Tallgrass!

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