Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moylan's Dragoons Irish Dry Stout

I was a bit surprised to see only 2 Moylan's entries up here on the Bitter Nib, so far, but I guess it makes sense. I haven't picked up any bottles in quite a while, it seems, and since adding reviews to this blog, I've tapped their beers at the Blue Nile only three times. The last one was Hop Craic XXXX Double IPa, which was part of August's Hop Heads Only Volume 5, and when it went back on tap after the event, I never got around to taking notes on it (it was draft only, I'd never had it before), and it ran out very quickly. Here's a quick review for you: it was hoppy as heck.

So, here's one from the archives that I've just re-tapped from the StoutFest from earlier this month. I first took notes on it in October of 2008, from a bottle. Here they are:

Dark brown, nearly black, under a thin ring of cocoa-tan head. Nice.

Aroma: Cocoa, cream, coffee, a whiff of anise and a glimmer of vanilla.

In the mouth: much chocolatey goodness. Beefy malt, then smooth and super drinking. Moderate, if not mild, bitterness. Sweet, then dry. Great balance. Great drinking. Plenty of flavor, but not too complicated.

Medium bodied, medium finish. A nice stout that delivers flavor, but doesn't stick around too long, or make any kind of fuss. Still, keep you reaching for another sip. Then another bottle.

....or another pint.

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