Friday, November 29, 2013

Town Hall Cranberry Abbey Ale (dubbel)

The last beer of my pre-Thanksgiving night, fourth of the Town Hall beers in a row, with a Schell's and a Summit tossed in there. Here comes Cranberry Abbey Ale, a fruited-up Belgian-style dubbel. (Alcohol is listed on BeerAdvocate as 5.8%, although the Abbey Ale is listed at 7.2%. Huh.)

Town Hall Cranberry Abbey, Abbey Ale (dubbel) with cranberries. I think. sounds right, doesn't it?

Clear, bright crimson coloring, slim head, while it lasts.

Aroma: The distinctive touch of Belgian yeast hits first, followed by the unique notes of special B malts. Dark fruits, rich malts, and, hey, here come the cranberries. And with them the sour notes. Little bit of sweet, more and more sour.

Now, to taste: Much complexity here, lots of flavors happening. Fruit stays on top and keeps an even balance. Dominates the dubbel flavors, but, otherwise, like I said, balance. Much, much, much, and terribly tasty. Mmmm, yah, I'm pretty happy with this one. Good balance, plenty of deliciousness.

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