Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stone Suede Imperial Porter, Collaboration 2013

Stone 2013 Collaboration w/10Barrel & Bluejacket (whoever they are), Suede Imperial Porter, Ale Brewed with Calendula Flowers, Jasmine, and Honey. 9.6% Alc. byVol.

Purple ink on a black bottle, impossibly small. I ain't reading' that. I'm just going to crack it open and see what's inside.

Deep, impenetrable blackness, under a slim ring of cocoa-tinged head.

Aroma: light floral & honey notes dance on top, hovering over dark fruit and chocolate.

Taste: Sweetness and fruit (currant, berry, raisin, fig) grows and grows, tempered by hop bitterness and roast character. This is what they mean when they say complexity. Fullness of body, depth of flavor, a tremendous amount going on in here. Dark and smooth, supreme drinkability. Lots of richness, with delicate floral flavors that somehow comment with all the heavier flavors.

I like this. Unique creation, outstanding collaboration.

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