Saturday, November 9, 2013

Unibroue La Fin du Monde

Man, does it take me a while to get to my favorites here on this blog! Why? Because I keep trying to tackle all of them, especially all the new, local ones coming out, and even the ones I don't like! They keep getting in the way of my faves, man! So! Here's a fave, and I'm looking at notes from February, 2003 for La Fin du Monde, the Belgian-style tripel from Unibroue of Montreal (-ish), Quebec, Canada, 9% alc./vol.:

Huge, billowy, lace, white-as-driven snow head, atop a perfectly golden, clear body.

Aroma is a sweet array of fruit and spice, coriander and clove,
standing far above any other particular aspect. Delightful and heavenly. Is it "the End of the World", because it enters us into the next?

Citrusy flavor stands on top, with dazzling hops and a marvelous sparkling sensation on tastebuds. Body is light, and extraordinarily uplighting. This brew handily earns it's rep as the Canadian stand-in for Duvel.

 A terrifically engaging, hoppy mouthfeel, and an exceptionally warming feeling make this ideal beer for any sort of celebration, such as Anniversarys, holidays, Wednesdays, midnights, 2:45 A.M.s, anytime you're exultant that the world hasn't ended, didn't get fired, dog still loves you, etc., etc....

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