Friday, November 29, 2013

Summit Union Series: Rebellion Stout

Summit Union Series Limited Edition(is this supposed to be the opposite of Unchained?) (or what?) Rebellion Stout, Export Double Stout.

I'm quite a fan of this style, and am glad to see Summit attempt it at last. It helps that they have an Irishman with a history of brewing in England, and just a good lot of history in his head, on hand to brew this one. Talking about Damian McConn here.

How limited? Many stores got merely one case, but everyone got some. And the most popular stores sold out quickest. I looked at three stores today, and finally found it at the last one. One the other hand, I didn't see the latest Unchained beer at any of them. Saw the last one, though, and witnessed a clueless staff hunt for it. The search continues. Odd, isn't it, chasing after Summit beers?

Well, let's get to it. What else should we know? "Color: coal black. Bodiciea hops from the U.K., Stout malt from Ireland, 8.5% ABV., OG: 19 P, IBU: 70." This may be the strongest Summit beer yet, if memory serves me. {Edit: Not quite, the Belgian-style Golden Ale of a few years ago was 8.6%.}

Coal black it is, with a toasted tan head on top.

Aroma: very vast, deep and wide, rich dar malt is the key component, and all flavors fall out from there. Espresso and chocolate first, with anise coming in behind. A touch of molasses and treacle a little bit further back. Dry as charcoal.

Taste: Dry, roasty, toasty, deep and satisfying. Full bodied, long, malty finish. Very small amount of sweetness, quickly enveloped by dry, roasted malt flavor. Flavor is developing half-way through the glass, widening, growing in malty deliciousness.Nothing but excellent, this one. Nothing but.

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