Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bad Weather Windvane Minnesota Red Ale

Hey, guys, where are we in this Minnesota beer boom? Anyone know? Are we still at the spark or are we about to hit plateau? How will history tag 2013, the year that brought us 612 Brew, Dangerous Man , Enki, HammerHeart, and this one that I'm reviewing for the first time, Bad Weather? Did I miss anyone? Bang Brewing? Burning Brothers? Anyone else? Help me out here. {How could I have forgotten Bent Paddle in Duluth, finally sending cans down here, a place I really have to visit!}
While you guys scratch your noggins, I'll throw out these notes I wrote earlier tonight:

Hey, guess what, Bad Weather, the third brewing company making beer out of the Lucid facility, has bottles now, all right!

Bad Weather Brewing Company, Minnetonka, Minnesota. Windvane Minnesota Red Ale. Alc. 6% by Vol. So, not an Irish Ale? Not an American Red Ale. Just good ol' Minnesota Red Ale, which means??? I guess we'll find out, once I open the damned thing…

Appearance: Dark red, deep and murky,  slim, but tight, off-whitish head.

Aroma: malty stuff, some hops, fruity esters. Some bright citrusy hop character mixes in. This is a very nice meeting of malt and hops, good balance, none taking spotlight.

Taste: Huh. That's a hoppy red, all right. The harmonious marriage of malt and hops detected in the nose seeming like it's gong through a stormy stage as it rages in the mouth. (I swear to keep the weather related jokes to a minimum.)
Bit of a dry, copper-y feel in the flavor, as sweet malt is check in check by hops, but in the end I'm not feeling anything especially distinctive results.
Some fruit notes, apple, cherry, and it is tasty, for sure, …however, I'm still on the fence here. There's nothing to not recommend it, but on the other hand…eh.

There's no gobbledygook on the label, but there is on the 6-pack carrier. " Our flagship year-round release WINDVANE stands strong through all types of weather and is a great fit for all seasons. Pouring a deep brilliant red, this is your go-to beer. If you want something hoppy, you definitely have it. America hops give WINDANE a swift bitterness with piney, citrus and resinous flavors. If you want something with strong malt shoulders, you have that too. Roast malt layers add complexity and keeps the beer dry to showcase the hops."

Okay, sure, but still…eh.

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