Monday, July 18, 2016

August Schell Noble Star Collection Apricot Vista

August Schell Noble Star Collection Apricot  Vista, Berlin Style Wheat Ale aged on apricots. Bottled 1/16.

Clouded, full-on orange/apricot appearance, slim, soon-gone head.

Nose: Tart from the start, fresh and lively, funky, wild and weird.

In the mouth: more sour, more tart, more brash & bold. Each new sip brings on the tartness, the pucker, and plenty of fruit. Just damned deliciously sour. Vast complexity and richness. Good fruit/yeast character.

I call it good.

Editor's note: This one sold out quickly, and I wasn't at any store to pick one up during that brief window when it sat on store shelves. Until many months later when I found one in Wisconsin. Then, I go and take notes on it, and that's the best I can do? Well, no self-flagellation, I told the tale. It's sour and fruity and good. If you ever see it, grab it, it's good.

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