Monday, July 11, 2016

Summit Unchained 22: Zingiber Cream Ale

Summit Unchained No. 22: Zingiber Cream Ale, 5.3% all. by vol. Brewed by Christian Dixon, a 50/50 ale/lager hybrid, brewed identically with separate yeast strains, then blended after fermentation. Ginger added later. Huh. Now, that's different. Let's drink it.

Clear, golden hued, big, white, lace-leaving head atop.

Big ginger nose, obscures all else around it. Floral hop notes peek out around the spice.

In the mouth: light, crisp, creamy. Nicely hopped, light bodied, with a lingering spicy edge. Some fruity notes creep in, too, all adding to the refreshing complexity. It's a quenching, just right for summertime. I can see this as a picnic hit, or a perfect companion on the boat, a nice alternative to typical cabin choices. Perhaps why this one went with the can option?

I'm just going to call this one on the side of delicious.

Some technical mumbo-jumbo:

Malts: 2-Row, German Pils, C-15, German Cologne, Torrefied Wheat
▪   Hops: Sterling, Mt. Hood
▪   Kettle Additions: Fresh Organic Hawaiian Ginger
▪   ABV: 5.3%
▪   IBU: 35
▪   Color: Harvest Gold
▪   Yeast: Munich Lager II, American Ale II
▪   Pairing Suggestions: Korean barbecue, sushi, and chocolate fondue

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