Friday, July 8, 2016

Surly Ten Ale

Surly Ten. Old Ale. 9% ABV.

Surly brewed their first batch at the end of 2005, and released their first kegs in early February of 2006. Ten years. Wow. The 10th Anniversary beer has just been released, I got a couple bottles tonight, and couldn't resist.

Opened one right up and took these notes:

Dark chestnut brown color, tannish head, lasts long...
Aroma is sweet and nutty, deep and malty, little hop presence to speak of...nothing wrong with that...creamy, and inviting...

In the mouth: more of the same: smooth, creamy, malty, caramel and toffee tones low hop bitterness, if any, and just flat out deliciousness. Rich, lush, delicious malt in this. So good that it doesn't need a few more years. Drink it now. Maybe sock a few away, if you're so inclined.

This anniversary beer should surely please those who've been burned but the big booze of earlier years. This one isn't so "hot" that you can't drink it now,  but a few years on it can only give more complexities. nice, nice, nice.
a mellow version of 6?
This is described on the label as one to share, and share I did. The last third of the bottle was what I took notes on.
I will return to this one, again and again. Perhaps I'll have more to say about it with other visits to my lips.

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