Monday, July 11, 2016

Flying Dog Heat Series Ancho Lime Paradise Lager

Flying Dog Heat Series Ancho Lime Paradise Lager. 6% ABV.

Clear, bright golden, slim white head.

Aroma offers up....not much. Null set. I'm getting the lime, but little else.

In the mouth: lime kicks it off, then the heat roars in....with each new sip, it increases a little, heat rising with the fruit. Lean and smooth underneath all flavoring. That's a manageable heat, I can dig it. Not too threatening. And getting tastier as we get going.

The gobbledygook: "Mild yet unpredictably significant heat. Add a squeeze of lime and grains of paradise and you've got yourself quite the wildcard. Playing with a little fire never hurt anyone, right?"

I wouldn't say never. I mean, come on. But the beer ain't bad. Go ahead and drink it.

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