Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prairie Artisan Ale Birthday Bomb!

Praise Artisanal Ales Birthday Bomb!

Imperial Stout aged on cacao nibs, vanilla beans, coffee and chili peppers. 13% ABV.

Solid blackness, under a slim, brownish head.

Aroma kicks off with rich, roasted malt, followed swiftly by chilis. Coffee and cocoa come on in and match the heat. No sign of vanilla yet, though. Oh, wait, there's a hint of it, still swallowed by chilis and coffee.

In the mouth: rich and delicious. Now the vanilla is on top. And the chili catches up. Massive malt. Huge. Big, bountiful coffee and chocolate flavors keep time with the peppery heat. And the alcohol hasn't beaten up the braincase just yet. But, that's coming....damned tasty stuff. Just enough sweet, matching the heat....decadent and delicious.

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