Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fargo Brewing Wind Swept Belgian Style Witbier

Fargo Wind Swept Belgian Style Witbier, Fargo Brewing, Fargo, North Dakota. 5.2% ABV, 14 IBU. Mt. Hood hops, 2 Row Barley malt, Oats, White Wheat.

Clouded gold, large, puffy white head, leaving lace.

Spice and fruit aplenty in the aromatics. Light, airy, lovely. Coriander, pepper, orange, and lemon.

In the mouth: Lightly sweet, and and light in body. Just enough fruit, just enough spice on the tongue, and ever so easy drinking. There's a little bit of tartness in the flavor that makes this just that much "off", and I want to like it more, but that part is nagging at me.

This is can two of a 6-pack. I'll drink the other 4 without worrying about it too much, but I can't give this one high marks. It veers too far away from what I want in a wit, and it's ultimately a poor representation of one. Sorry, guys.

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