Sunday, July 24, 2016

Finnegan's Hoppy Shepherd

Finnegan's Hoppy Shepherd Session Ale. 4.6% ABV. 50 IBU.

Clear, bright golden hue, lush ivory head, lasting long.

Aroma: big, hoppy citric nose, traces of tropical, more lemon and orange, though. Nice.

In the mouth: vibrant hop attack leads it off, then it fades to soft and malty. Clean, slightly fruity, well-balanced. Easy-drinker for sure. Light/medium body. Tasty enough for the hop head, and certainly sessionable.

Good beer. You can drink it.

Here's what the website says (AKA gobbledygook): To honor of the stoic and solitary men who provide Ireland with its much-needed wooly warmth, we proudly brew Hoppy Shepherd. It’s a lively session ale made from Admiral, Centennial, Citra and Jester hops with aromas of apricot, grapefruit and tangerine. We find it perfect for stirring conversation from even the most sheepish shepherd.

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