Friday, July 29, 2016

Destihl Privyet Russian-style Imperial Stout

Destihl Privyet Russian-Style Imperial Stout. Destihl Brewing, Bloomington, IL.

Utter darkness, thick, full and rich creamy brown head atop, looking great.

Aroma: a little sweet, cocoa and espresso, hints of cherry, a little vanilla. Beautifully bitter edge. Very nice.

In the mouth: bone dry. Chocolate-smacked. Bittersweet, rich and full. Deep and dense. Espresso-tinged. Roast-y/toast-y. More little bits of cherry and vanilla. I am enjoying this one. Quite nice.

(What's "Russian-style", though? Russian Imperial Stouts aren't Russian, and didn't originate there. They were born in England, and took the name when the Russian Empire took a liking to them. "Russian-style"? I don't think they even make them there. Kind of a strange appellation, there.)

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