Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bank Hop Lab

I couldn't get a good picture of the beer without Sonny Boy
the Cat in it, so enjoy him in al his glory. 
Bank Brewing Discovery Series Hop Lab. 88 IBUs, 7.2% ABV. Earthy, Tropical, Refreshing. Dry-hopped India Pale Ale. DRINK NOW: bottled on 4/16.

Hazy, clouded, murky, off-amber coloring. long-lasting, lace-leaving ivory head. Looks a little off, but not bad.

Aromatics: oily, piney (a little), tropical fruit, malty notes. A bit weird. Huh.

In the mouth: More of the same from the nose on the tongue, now, and it's a weird mix. Hoppy, slightly sour, malty, and just a little, I'll say it again, weird. This one features Citra exclusively, but either the dry-hopping or the malts used, or I don't know what else, are not making this what it ought to be.

It has it's moments, but overall, it's kind of a mess. I can drink it, and maybe you can, too, but there's little joy in the drinking. Just doesn't deliver what I want from an IPA, let alone an all-Citra hop IPA. Doing an all-Citra IPA requires complementary malts. I don't think that happened here.

I've enjoyed other beers from this brewery (watch out for Minnesota Breweries One by One # 48, when I get around to it), ...this one is not a success.

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