Friday, July 8, 2016

Grain Belt Lock & Dam Lager

Grain Belt Lock & Dam lager. 5% ABV. Crisp copper lager.

A few months ago, August Schell Brewery purchased the historic Grain Belt neon sign by the Hennepin Avenue on the east bank of the Mississippi river. Next thing you know, they'll turn the thing back on. To celebrate the event, they made this beer, in honor of Minnesota, it's rivers, and it's efforts to stop their natural flow.

Notes ahoy!

Clear, golden-amber coloring, slim, soon-gone head.

Grainy, malty aromatics, lightly floral. Smells a lot like Grain Belt Premium. Standard lager aroma.

In the mouth: clean, malty, lean-bodied. Steers shy of sweet, stays on the dry side. Clean, smooth, easy-drinking. This has been described as a cross between Premium and Nordeast, and I get that. Less sweet than Premium, not as dark or richly malty as Nordeast.

It's an alright beer, and, yeah, I guess you can drink it.

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