Friday, July 8, 2016

Surly #Merica! Beer!

Here's a beer. Surly brewed it. It appeared last summer, and was canned this year with unusual fanfare, priced several dollars below the other Surlys, in an attempt, I assume, to make this a ready selection for 4th of July celebrations. That's why it was released in late May with patriotic graphics. And a video with people in eagle costumes. And such forth.

I bought a 4-pack (although, whoever's in charge of such things for Surly, you do know that you can just mail them out and save me a trip to the store, right?) and drank the first three without a care, la de da, it's beer and you can drink it. When I tackled the last can, I got more critical.

Clear, Yellow, wispy head.

Nose: grainy, corny. light malt. Inoffensive. Just short of sweet.

Taste: clean, smooth, light. Empty. Blah. "Adjunct lager." Why. Oh, no, "Pre-prohibition lager." Still blah. Why, Surly, why? Gone as it begins. Drinkable, yeah, "crushable" in our current parlance. ...and utterly forgettable. Did anyone really ask for this? Does anyone need it? Was Surly Nation clamoring for it? There's practically no flavor. There's no "here" here. There's too much corn and that's not great. Why should a "craft brewer", especially Surly, brew with it?

Because...'america! Fuck yeah!

I guess.......

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