Friday, July 15, 2016

Sisyphus That 70's Simcoe

That 70's Simcoe. 6.5% ABV. 65 IBU.

Clear, reddish hue, large off-white head, drifting down slowly.

Big ol' hoppy nose. Plenty of pine, and fruit, and all the good stuff. Ah, tropical notes, too, bright fruit, mango, papaya, pineapple. Low bitterness, high juicy fruit. How'd ya like a nice Hawaiian Punch?

In the mouth: Mmmm. Right on. Smooth and tasty. Sweet malt holds it down, bright shiny hops pop on top. Beautiful mix, all the fruit, all the bitter, all that joy. Stone fruits, pit fruits, grapefruits, and fruity grapes....all making it happen. Slight bitterness keeps it all going. Yu-u-um. And in other languages: delicious. This is the kind of beer I like to drink.

Keep 'em coming, Sam & crew. Happy Anniversary, and many more!

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