Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Badger Hill Hexit

Here's the last beer Todd Haug brewed before taking off from Minnesota to settle in Chicago and work with his buds at Three Floyds. There is some reason that he chose to go to Shakopee and make this with Badger Hill, and I think it mainly has to do with bees. This beer is all about the bees. It's also about music, since the head of the Apriary that provided the honey has been a fan of Todd's metal career since childhood. Read the story from The Growler right here. 

Badger Hill Hexit. Brewed and bottled by Badger Hill Brewing, Shakopee, MN. 6.8% ABV, 60 IBU.
I was unable to get a photo that captures the awesomeness
of Brandon Holt's label design. Up close, gold tint and all,
it's an amazing drawing.

Thoroughly clouded, amber colored, thick lasting ivory head, leaving lace.

In the nose: Bright, beautiful hops popping out, bold and citrus-y, with malt and honey coming in from behind. Lovely hop flavors, with low bitterness, and sweetness following suit.

In the mouth: Here's where the bitterness comes in, right out of the gate, coating the palate, but kept in check. Delicious, this, and refreshing, too. Nice and yeasty. Lot of great flavors going on in here. Great beer, and you can drink it, that's for sure. Surely satisfying, and uniquely tasty.

Here's the words from Todd on the label: "Haug + Exit= Hexit. Join Linda and I in a hearty skal as we exit MN for greener pastures in the greater Chicago area. HEXIT has loads of oats and honey flavor with dry hop aroma of mic drop proportions. This of it as a Breakfast IPA.
Thank you Badger Hill Brewing for the opportunity to bring some attention to the potentially catastrophic demise of bees in MN. Thank you to the Rufer family for providing Sweet Bee Honey and advocating for the bees. All profits from HEXIT will go directly to the Minnesota Honey Producers Association and the University of Minnesota Bee Lab.

Linda and Todd Haug

Help the bees:


Reynold Burrowes said...

Thanks for the effort you put into these reviews Al! Much appreciated.

AL MCCARTY said...

Thank you for reading!

Julie said...

Found it to be very dry on finish. How about you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you from the UMN Bee Lab!!

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