Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sisyphus Silky Choice Stout

Last Thursday, Jason and I came back from our final voyage of 2016, and I convinced him to have a celebratory beer at Sisyphus with me, before dropping me off at home. That place had a special significance, because that's where I got the idea to start the epic endeavor, nearly a year ago, and we toasted with the same beer, Winter Warmer. But as I looked at the board, I saw a new one, designed by Isaac Rysdahl, the resident Fax Man. I was trying to figure out the joke, or parody behind the name until Sam alerted me to the fact that it was Isaac's beer, and he is not the necessarily a punster or parodist of Sam's caliber. Nor, does he need to be. He's already the fax man.

Silky Chance Stout. 5.5% ABV.

So, I took home a crowler, and now I'm going to drink it.

Full ebony coloration, slim brown head above. Looks the part.

In the nose: dark fruit, cocoa, some sweetness, but ultimately dry. Nice.

In the mouth: Moderate bitterness, big malt, great balance. Dark fruits again, plums and grapes, with quick dry finish. Slightly tart, just a touch. Touch of sweet, but just a touch. Lot of touches, and overall, very good. I find myself increasingly liking this. More than a touch.

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