Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tallgrass One-Eyed Jacques Belgo-style Stout

Tallgrass One-Eyed Jacques Belgo-style Stout. Brewed and canned by Tallgrass Brewing Company, Manhattan, Kansas. World Class Beers of the Great Midwest. Belgian-style stout. Explorer Series. 9.0% all. by vol.

Dark brown with ruby highlight, cocoa-tinged head, lace-leaving.

In the nose: cola and cream. Earthy, nutty, mostly malty. Sweet. Nice. Mmmm.

In the mouth: Whoa. Tasty. Big and malty, full-flavored, full-bodied, rich and delicious. Nice balance. Bitter hops and sweet malt in a delicate tango. And it's creamy and yummy, and I like it, gol' durn it. I like it lots. More chocolate comes into the flavor, more sweetness, while still being balanced and lush.
This has just the right amount of cocoa and malt, and just that special Belgian malt sweetness to push it over the edge. So tasty. New favorite. Yum.

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