Thursday, January 26, 2017

Enki Creamery Reserve Cranberry Cacao Porter

Enki Brewing Creamery Reserve Cranberry Cacao Porter. Brewed and bottled by Enki Brewing, Victoria, MN.

Bottle one of two purchased at the brewery in November, with every intention to share at holiday gatherings, but just forgot. Ah, well. I'll drink this now by my lonesome, and save the other for a bottle sharing party. Let's jump right into it, now.

Thoroughly dark with a full, rich cocoa-tinted head. Looking fine.

In the nose: Fruit pops out first, we're getting that hint of cranberry, though it's hidden by the rich malts, the cocoa tones, and the light coffee flavors.

In the mouth: It's bigger on the palate, great big cranberry flavors nestled into a solid cocoa porter. Rich malt, with flashes of fruit in every sip. Sweetness and tartness together. Tasty stuff. Medium mouthfeel.  Long, fruity/malty finish. Fine cranberry cacao porter, this. If you see it, go drink it.

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