Wednesday, January 11, 2017

F-Town Imperial Maple Stout

F-Town Imperial Maple Stout. 10.2% ABV. 73 IBU.

Deep black, with a slim brown ring above.

In the nose: chocolate and caramel. Massive malt. Molasses. Maple starts to show. Moderate sweetness. Pretty nice.

In the mouth: the big, the deep, the rich and the malt. Huge and thick. Chocolate and molasses, but not getting much maple. Some roast, a little bit of bitterness. And increasing alcohol heat. Not that I mind it.

"The local sugar maple harvest is the star of this seasonal beer. Blended with notes of chocolate to create a smooth finish, this rich imperial stout takes the taste of maple beyond the harvest."

Blended with notes of chocolate? How do you "blend with notes of chocolate"? It doesn't really take the taste of maple anywhere....oh, wait, there it is, I caught it, but for a moment....okay, it's in there, somewhere. But lightly, delicately. Not a bad imperial stout, just not what was promised.

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