Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fair State DuPounde Saison

Making the rounds again, as promised. My Fair State growler hadn't been filled since my visit of January 28 of last year. Long over-due visit, last Tuesday. Had one that was new to me, Smorgasbord, a delicious blend of various sour ales, had one I'd reviewed before when I had a keg of it on tap at Acadia, that one being Tuque, the spiced rye saison, and also had some FSB, which I had on tap at Acadia, but did not write a review on. I must search out a bottle somewhere, for I've missed my chance to get a keg of the latest edition.

And I filled my growler with Du Pounde, which came out last summer, and is also available in cans. And I promise that I will not wait another year before I get this growler filled again.

DuPounde Saison, 5.5% ABV. 25 IBU.

Lightly hazy, golden hued, slim white head.

Belgian yeast bounces against the nose first, followed by straw, sweetness, spice, and bubblegum. A little bit sour/funky/tart. A whole lot of interesting.

In the mouth: Puckering. Sour. Smooth. Wheat-y. Moderate bitterness. Medium body. Ever-so easy drinking. Citrus hop presence. Turning out and ending out dry on the palate. Refreshing. Delicious.
Has to rank among the best locally-brewed saisons. Quite nice, this one. I can drink it and drink it.

Here's the info I grabbed off of the Fair State website: 5.3% ABV | 25 IBU | 11.3 GRAVITY
A dry, rustic, hop-forward farmhouse ale brewed with a high percentage of malted wheat, Centennial hops, and French Saison yeast.

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