Monday, January 9, 2017

Fair State Dorado Gold

The last time I reviewed a Fair State beer from a bottle, I vowed to stop passing them by at the store due to the price. I shared that blog post on Twitter and got a like out of it from their Twitter account, with a message urging me to drink better, drink less. That will remain my mantra for 2017. And so I kept my word, and got a bottle of this one, although I must admit that I chose it because it was the least expensive FS bottle in the cooler (11.99).

Dorado Gold. Pale ale with Brett. 6.2% ABV. 38 IBU. Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Minneapolis, MN.

Hazy, golden hued, solid layer of ivory froth atop.

Barnyard funk spills out of the glass. Citrus-y notes mingle with eau de litter box. Prett-ay funk-ay.

In the mouth: Puckering at first, sharp and acidic. Big sour, and highly refreshing. Light-ish bodied, excellent consumability. Here's another example of Fair State showing that they're at the top of the sour game. I'm going to have no problem putting away this beautiful bomber.

Is there helpful gobbledygook on the label? Sure is! "Brewed exclusively with El Dorado hops, this dry-hopped pale ale was fermented with a combination of saison yeast and Brettanomyces. Fruity, funky, and hoppy. Keep cold, enjoy fresh. Bottled 03/2016."

I'm loving this one. Gonna keep that resolution and strive to stay on top of the great beers coming out of this brewery.

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