Friday, January 13, 2017

Town Hall Lose Your Resolution

Town Hall Lose Your Resolution. Cherry Belgian Brown Ale. (Balaton Cherry & Belgian Chocolate) 5.4% ABV.

Clear, deep crimson coloring, rosy/pink head.

In the nose: Cherries abound in this nose, with earthy malt flavors right behind. Cherries meet chocolate. Very nice.

In the mouth: Sweetness first, juicy and fruity. Bright, sweet, lovely, dark and rich. Chocolate chimes in, and fills the palate with sweet and loveliness. Medium-bodied. Low bitterness. Mostly malty. Increasing tartness tries to catch up with the sweet.

This is a nice one, but it's not a session-er, nothing we'd have pint after pint of. It's a tasty treat for a special time, a nice little nightcap. Probably something we won't see until next holiday season.

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