Thursday, January 5, 2017

NorthGate Maggie's Leap Milk Stout Nitro Can

This can was a sample, a request I made to NG, after having it on tap at Acadia for several kegs, but never taking notes on it. And here we have it in cans, a first for Minnesota beers, the nitro can, a technology debuted by Guinness. Let's crack open this can and enjoy....

NorthGate Brewing, NorthEast Minneapolis, Minnesota. 4.9% ABV. 26 IBU. 16 oz. can.

Nitro beer: crack open and pour aggressively into glass. (I might not have been that aggressive.)

I don't know much about Maggie or why she's leaping,'s a thoroughly opaque, deeply brownish black coloration, with a slim cocoa-tinged top.

In the nose: creamy, milk, sweet. Chocolate and coffee lurk below.

In the mouth: slight bitterness, rich malt, clean and luscious. Good ol' stout. Good drinkin', good balance, just enough bitter, just enough sweet. And did I mention smooth? Great sessionable stout. Go drink one.

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