Monday, January 23, 2017

Wild Mind Race Dog Wild Oat Pale Ale

Did I need to buy one of these new Wild Mind growlers and add to my vast collection? No. But I wanted it. Ten bucks? When I could have kept bringing in other growlers and getting them filled, if I remembered to bring a cap along? Someone else's growler that fits into my growler carrier and isn't such an awkward, inconvenient shape? Yeah, but I wanted it. So, I've got it. So.'s a beer I brought home Thursday night and took notes on this morning (my schedule, you know. I'd be lying if I said "last night".)

Wild Mind Race Dog. Wild Oat Pale Ale. 6% ABV.

Crystal clear, bright golden coloring, big white head. Looking good.

In the nose: soft, sumptuous, brimming with tropical fruit flavors. Sweet, fruity, nice. Just delightful.

In the mouth: yum! Delicious. Sweet, pineapple and guava. Bitterness is sufficient, but never too high. Super smooth mouthfeel. All those flavors from the nose are popping back on the palate. Beautifully hoppy. Exquisitely executed.
I can finish this one up in no time.

From the website: Race Dog  | Wild Oat Pale Ale,  6.0%ABV, 50IBUs

A pale ale brewed with our native wild yeast, oats, and hopped heavily with mosaic hops. Notes of peach, pineapple, citrus, and blueberry.

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