Monday, January 23, 2017

Modist Lord Humungus

Modist Lord Humungus. 10.5% ABV. 76 IBU. Beef-ed up version of Wasteland.

Here's a bottle that was released in late October, and celebrated with a post-apocalyptic party. It was just before the election, and it seemed so amusing then. Such a cute, quaint notion we had. Well, we're not living in the wastelands just yet, but everything we once knew seems to be falling apart.

Impenetrable blackness, ring of cocoa-toned foam.

In the nose: spicy rye malt hits first. Big malt aromatics, with a side of hops.

In the mouth: Big rye malt. I mean, big. Zesty hop blast. Great balance in this big, big beer. Thick mouthfeel, huge. Yuuuuge.

Part of the inspiration for the ramble
at right was this poster, whose
political components were extricated
when the label was designed.
Man, I feel sick for saying that as a joke. Forgive me. I feel a little depressed even making light of the fact that the insecure orange billionaire is currently in control of our destinies. But, that's not what you came here for, is it. Maybe you actually came here because this blog somehow survived the apocalypse, the remnants of the deforestation of the internet  and you are researching the society that came before you? You are reading this to see what America was like before the fall? Well, I'm just talking about beer, something that gave us joy in those troubled times, a transformative elixir that keep our spirits up before the days of the culling, and camps, and the rehabilitation chambers. Before those of us who tried to resist the schemes of the tiny handed one were captured and corralled, some killed and some merely humiliated, but all of us sent to the underground chambers, the slave colonies, the hive headquarters. We were cut-off from our freedoms, separated from our special places of happiness, kept from the wonderment of everyday luxuries. Now, we're mining more diamonds for Melania, and keeping the Donald in healthy hair replacements.

No, I'm just talking about a bold, expressive and flavorful beer that pushes the boundaries ever-so much without going too far. It's a big one, and if we keeping pushing, maybe we'll break down that damned wall, my friends. Keep pushing.

From the label: "Lord Humungous. 10.5% ABV., 76 IBU. Borne of the blood, fire and gasoline of the Wasteland, this beer is an imperial stout mangled with a barley-wine forged from an imperial red. A potent rye ale with notes of spicy sweet toffee, dark chocolate, burnt sugar, a body of black tar, and a smoldering finish."


Rex Chapman said...

Is it ironic that you proceed to start talking politics then correctly say your not going to talk politics only to proceed to talk politics?

It's your blog but I personally do not read beer blogs (yours are excellent) to read any sort of politics. This is 100% true regardless if I agree with the politics or not.

I'm curious why so many people insist on talking politics in non-political venues. Is it cathartic for you? I hope not as I do enjoy your posts.

AL MCCARTY said...

It's a joke, son. A flight of imagination. Having fun with words and concepts.

AL MCCARTY said...

Also, it's very rare, so don't fret about it too much.

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