Monday, January 2, 2017

Schell's Cave-aged Barrel-aged Series Limited Edition #3

School's Cave-aged Barrel-aged Series No. 3, limited edition. Brewed and bottled by August Schell Brewing Company, in New Ulm, MN. Limited Edition Lager.

Dark brown color, booming brownish head settles down in time.

In the nose: caramel, oak, vanilla, beautiful.

In the mouth: Starts out bourbon-y, with more caramel, more vanilla, more oak, ending on a dry note. Far from sweet. Minor bitterness. Excellent balance. Not sure what the base beer is, but clearly a dark lager. Delicious caramel-y flavor continues. Mmm. Nice one, this. Warming and wonderful. (I can't kick alliteration.)

Hey, let's read the label....."In a nod to our 19th Century brewing traditions, this limited edition beer was barrel-aged and naturally cooled in historic ice caves located deep below our 1800's brewery. SERVE FRESH AND ENJOY COLD."

I can't find this on the website for more information. Can't find anything else about it. But, whatever, it's damned good. Damned, damned, damned good.

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Anonymous said...

School's out, Al.

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