Sunday, November 13, 2016

August Schell Noble Star Collection Orbital Drift

August Schell Noble Star Berlin Style Wheat Ale. New Ulm, MN. 3.9% ABV.

I can't tell you a single thing about this beer that sets it apart from anything else in the Noble Star Collction, I'm just going to open it up and find out, as per usual.

It's a hazy amber appearance, with a slim white head. Nothing wrong with that.

Aroma: full-on Belgian-style funk. Rich malts, twisted fruits, and unmistakable Belgian quality. It's what I like and I'm loving it.

In the mouth: Fruity. Sour. Funky. Love it. Sharp and tart at first, then comes the fruit, some peach and nectarine, constant tart. Rich and rewarding. All that stuff and more. Fruit and sour and funk and delicious. Refreshing. Tasty. Another hit in the Noble Star line.

Let's see what the website says:
BEER STYLE: Berliner Weisse
CHARACTERISTICS: Orbital Drift is a unique brew with earthy aromatic notes and a deep amber hue.

Orbital Drift shakes up the long established tradition of brewing a Berliner Weisse, (“Berlin White”), beer to be light in color. By substituting the style’s characteristic pale barley and wheat malts with darker, more full-bodied and longer kilned malts, we created a unique brew that has a deep amber hue and earthy aromatic notes. Allowed to age for sixteen months in Cypress wood tanks, Orbital Drift has a complex character, deep acidity and dry malt spiciness.

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