Friday, November 25, 2016

Dave's BrewFarm Kyr #2 IPA

Dave's BrewFarm Kyr #2 IPA, an experiment brewed for a Kyrgyzstani company that wanted to market beer to China. Yeah, that China. And their great thirst for India Pale Ales.

8.0% ABV. Bottled on November 9, 2016. (Purchased 11/13/16.)

Lightly hazed, bright crimson coloring, good sized cream-toned head.

In the nose: soft, round aromatics. Sweetly fruity, sweetly malt, with enough bitterness to hold it all in check, but not much more. Citric and stone fruit notes, albeit mild and muted.

In the mouth: Bitter up front, followed by fruity. Lush malt. Hop bitterness remains large and hangs on until the end. Turns dry at the end of each swallow. Right on the money IPA, just the way I like 'em. Damn, you, Farmer Dave, why can't you just churn stuff like this out, over and over again and just give them what they want! Something called IPA that tastes like all the IPAs they've ever had! Why must you be your own man and do things differently and deliciously?

You could be fabulously wealthy, Farmer Dave, if you just give the masses what they crave, like the salivating dogs that they are. Damn, you. This is a right-on, pitch perfect India Pale Ale, like breweries all over the USA can make, and it took the Kyrgyztanis to make you make one?
Thank you, sir. Thank you.

I forgot the Official Gobbledygook: "Brewed as an experiment for a client form Kyrgyzstan. #2 focuses on the bitterness spectrum. Two-row, Melanoidin and Victory malts. Copious amounts of Magnum, Simcoe, Galaxy, and Amarillo hops, added primarily on the front end. Fermented with dry yeast and is bitter but balanced."

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