Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wild Mind Artisan Ales Winter's Edge Farmhouse Amber Ale

Wild Mind Artisan Ales Winter's Edge. Farmhouse Amber Ale. 8% ABV. 25 IBUs.

Dark brown coloration, slimmish head. Looking alright.

Aroma: sweet, spicy, glimmers of cocoa and dark fruits, plums and dates. Belgian funk floats up. Very nice.

In the mouth: a little bit of grit on the palate, flashes of funk, sweet malt that turns quick to dry. Dry and drinkable. Medium-bodied, long, malty finish. High spiciness through the flavor. Alcoholic heat burning up.

I like this one. Good drinking'. Tast-y!

What does the brewery have to say? "Notes of cocoa nibs, honey, toffee, light citrus and dates."
Okay. Sounds good.

1 comment:

Paul Illa said...

I love this place. Good things to come.

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