Wednesday, November 16, 2016

F-Town Mocha Stout

F-Town Mocha Stout. 12 fl oz. 4.7% ABV. Brewed and canned by F-Town Brewing, Faribault, Minnesota.

Deep, rich blackness, slim brown ring of foam. Looking good.

Aroma: ah! Coffee and cocoa, soft and spicy, earthy, rich and beautiful. Dark, deep coffee grounds. Love it.

Time to drink: aka: In the Mouth: Big mix of cocoa and coffee on the palate. Full-bodied. Rich and rewarding. Not a bad offering from F-Town. I could have a few more of these.

From the label: F-Town Brewing Co. and Faribault Woolen Mill Co. have teamed p to bring their quality an craftsmanship to you in a truly unique small batch Mocha Stout. This full-flavored brew blend hints of chocolate with rich coffee notes to create a delicious mocha flavor. It's a cozy companion for cooler seasons.

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