Sunday, November 20, 2016

Oliphant 'Xurrp farmhouse ale brewed with frontenac grapes

Oliphant 'Xurrp Farmhouse Ale brewed with Frontenac grapes. 6.8% alc./vol. Oliphant Brewing, Somerset, Wisconsin.

I was curious about the name on this one, and was told that it is a play on the old hip-hop chestnut "Sipping on some sizzurp."(Sorry if I misspelled it, I am not nor ever will be of the hip-hop stripe.)

If you gander at the chalkboard illustration I snapped a pic of, it's Dean and Gene Ween used to illustrate dg2c2mf (after their song which means "don't get too close to my fantasy") repurposed to depict an alien sucking some "'Xurrp" out of Dean Ween's head. Naturally.)

Pours a beautiful crimson, with a faintly pinkish head. Gorgeous and inviting.

Aroma: starting out a little like a blush or a rose', the grapes emerge and floral becoming more tart and fruity, sweetness held strictly in check.

In the mouth: Bracing tart flavors first, low bitterness, medium malt. Lightish bodied. Long, fruity/tart finish. The grapes are all over this one. Grape tannins seem to take the place of hop bitterness. Base beer characteristics feel submerged under the effects of the fruit. I find it utter delightful and rank it among my favorite Oliphant beers.

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