Friday, November 4, 2016

Toppling Goliath Sosus Double India Pale Ale

Toppling Goliath Sosus Double India Pale Ale.

There's a stained glass mosaic on the label. Of birds. What does that mean, I wonder?

Lightly hazed, bright golden hue, enormous ivory head. Just gorgeous.

More loveliness in the nose. Huge fresh citrus flavors abounding in the aroma. All the lemon, all the lime, some of the grapefruit, and a touch of the tangerine. Fresh, zesty, and beautiful.

In the mouth: All that citrus-y flavor is bounding about in the mouth, pouncing on the palate. This tastes like 100% Mosaic, if the label art didn't already alert me to it. And it's straight up delicious. Lean bodied, light and easy drinking, despite the looming specter of the alcoholic content. I can't find that on the label, but it feels high. If it's a double IPA, it had better be. (A quick peek at the website tells me: 8% ABV, 100+ IBUs.)

Now here's the gobbledygook from the website: In his most notable mosaic work, Sosus of Pergamon depicts doves sunning atop a golden chalice. The image was said to be so enticing that real birds flew into it while trying to reach their stone companions. This single-hop showcase is inspired by the beauty and divinity of the Sosus mosaics. Just as the doves discovered their golden nectar, discover the irresistible nature of the Mosaic hop.

I like that. And I like this beer. No, I love this beer. So good. You can't miss with Mosaics, apparently. And this one hits, on all levels. Full-on hops, major strength, great drinkability. All across the board good stuff. And you can drink it. So, go, and do that.

Thanks for another winner, TGBC!

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